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ByTeam Pakur

English proficiency skill – where we are?

There is a total of 1.5 bn native and non-native English speakers around the world, out of which around 400 million are recognized as native. Rests use English as their second language. How about the level of proficiency of non-natives?

EF EPI English Proficiency Index has published an interesting result. The proficiency level of the people outside of Europe is much lower than that of the other European nations. Out of 15 top nations, there are only two Asian countries – Singapore (12) and Malaysia (14). There is only one country from South America (in fact rest of the world), which is Argentina and it holds the 15th position in the list. No country from South Asia. Interesting!!!

The reasons researchers have spotted are – the quality of education, English music and films and similarity of cultural background. Sweden is on the top of the list followed by Netherlands.