Voice Over

Expert voice-over services at competitive rates

All VSI studios worldwide deliver high-volume voice-over recordings to the highest standards. From documentaries to scripted reality programming, each project will receive the creative attention it deserves to be successful in the target market.

Our voice-over specialists create and translate voice-over scripts timed precisely to fit the source picture, and our project managers will advise you on the perfect voices to closely match the original. Whether you require narration for your documentary, animation, or a professional translator to provide foreign-language direction during recordings, look no further than VSI.

We have a wide range of high-profile clients and experience in managing high-volume projects with tight turnarounds for TV, DVD, video on demand, advertising, corporate productions, new media, e-learning and audio guides.

Translation Services USA now provides voice actors which can provide voice-overs in all major languages. In fact, our company offers voice-over services in over 100 different languages. Translation Services USA voice actors are native speaking, professionally-trained, translators and editors located in their country. They have translation degrees and years of hands-on experience in their particular language and in their particular field. We’ve developed translation style guides, terminology databases, and detailed processes to ensure that our translation projects consistently deliver high-quality results.

Translation Services USA is your source for premium, multilingual voice talent. We provide outstanding voice talent from all over the world and offer only the highest quality voice actors in whichever language you need.

Voice acting is the art of providing voices for animated characters, doing voice-overs in radio and television commercials, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films, video games, puppet shows, and amusement rides. An individual who performs voice-only roles is commonly known as a voice actor/actress, or as a voice artist. Voice acting may also involve singing, although a second voice actor is sometimes cast as the character’s singing voice.