We, the Pakur Language Service, always offer high-quality Translation Services that serve the best needs of your business. We assign a dedicated resource as a Project Manager (PM) who manage your job as a single point of contact for you. The Project Manager will comprehensively supervise your jobs by resolving any issues that may arise.

Our Translation Services comprise of:

  • Automotive translations – Technical documentation, user manuals, brochures, articles, news etc.
  • Financial translations – Financial papers, loan proposals, statements, annual reports etc.
  • IT translations – Software and hardware-related documents, mobile apps, websites etc.
  • Legal translations – Contracts, case files, legal petition, verdict and other legal documents
  • Marketing translations – Advertising & PR materials
  • Medical translations – Pharmaceutical text translations, transcripts, medicine instructions, leveling etc.
  • Technical translations – automotive, machinery, agricultural, mechanical and electrical engineering
  • Telecommunications translations – Software applications, user manuals
  • eCommerce translations – CRM systems, financial reports
  • Professional translations – Business correspondence documents


Our translators are all native speakers of their language and experienced Project Managers, will guarantee complete and accurate translation of all your documents, texts and graphics into the following languages:

  • FIGS languages
  • Central European languages
  • Eastern European languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • English
  • Asian languages (Specialization in Indian Languages)
  • Arabic & Middle-Eastern languages

Website Translations

Our experienced localization department has both the necessary expertise and capacity to handle large and complex website translation and website localization projects. some of our localization experts have over 15 years of experience in adapting:

  • Software applications
  • HTML, PHP, Javascript and Flash files
  • Open source and proprietary CMS systems
  • Multimedia files

Pakur regularly completes website translation projects for clients from every industry, especially supporting large website and intranet translation projects that require adaptation of content into multiple languages.

We also offer Content Management Solutions and Translation Management Solutions to automatically translate updates made to your website content.

Document Translations

Document translations produced by us allow your company to extend your message in any direction desired to help you reach anyone targeted: client and employee alike. Most importantly, entrusting Pakur translation services with your document translation projects means that you can focus your sight on other relevant business activities that require your continuous attention.

We have experience that runs the gamut from:

  • Medical document translations
  • Letter translations
  • Commercial documents translations
  • Marketing materials translations
  • Legal documents translations

We also provide proofreading and editing services on the translations done by others.