Our localization engineers are here to help you to choose the right tools for your localization process to reach international audiences. Our Localization Services include capturing screenshots for documentation, extracting translatable contents from files, adjusting the localized software by resizing dialog and modifying layout as well as testing many features for language suitability. Reach your consumers in a language they understand.

Localization Testing

Ensure that your localized content is right for your target audience with our additional testing services including cosmetic, linguistic and functional testing. This means your software not only meets your initial business and technical requirements, but also ensures that the look and feel of your software will match local expectations.

Trans-creation Services

Trans-create your marketing contents to ensure your brand message that resonates wherever your clients are. Our specialized marketing linguists will handle language-specific nuances with precision; this means that while your message will be tailored to meet regional expectations, it will focus on stirring the same sensibilities globally as in your local campaigns.

In-country Review Services

If you are looking to improve your time to market, you can consult our Pakur Ltd. experts to perform review for you, leaving your employees to do what they do best. Our experts are selected, tested and classified in our Resource Management System ensuring that we only utilize resources who specialize in your field.

Machine Translation

Achieve consistency by translating your technical content with Machine Translation. In order to get the most from Machine Translation we incorporate “engine tuning” into our process, which means that we train the engine for optimal performance on your content. In addition, we also conduct MT feasibility studies and pilots to determine the suitability of your content for Machine Translation.

Post Editing

With post-editing, we can achieve human-quality translations more effectively and efficiently. Output generated by Machine Translation is edited by experienced post-editors who ensure that the output meets agreed standards.